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Every Day Activities Timetable:

Snorkeling and diving
Morning: 9:00, afternoon 15:00

Archeo Diving is located at the tourist port of Villasimius . The particular geographical position offers particularly favorable weather conditions. The activity takes place within the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara, where the Isola dei Cavoli and Serpentara offer exciting scenery and breathtaking landscapes with evocative passages in little caves and covered with Pharozoantus Paramunicea Clavata giving not only for divers, but also the snorkelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a real aquarium where the fish are not intimidated by the presence of man.

The creator of Archeo Diving, Roberto Crasto, after years of experience, met Davide Casanova who has got a long history as an instructor, they decided to combine their passion for the sea and offer all the fans of this fantastic world flooded opportunity to share new experiences and new adventures.



Try Scuba Diving! It’s your opportunity to discover the magical world of colorful fish and living reefs in crystal clear blue and warm water - Scuba Diving! There’s nothing like it. Scuba Diving is much easier than you think and Try Scuba Diving will prepare you to participate in this new sport that awaits you. Dive into a whole new world.

To truly enjoy your first experience underwater, you will need someone you can trust. SSI is one of the largest, most trusted and respected internationally recognized training agencies in the world today. An SSI Dive Professional will teach you everything you need to know and under their guidance, you will learn the skills you need to enjoy this first experience underwater.
Before you start your new experience, you can conveniently study the academics right on your computer, iPad or Smartphone with SSI’s Digital training.

We‘re sure that once you try it, you’ll love it! Afterwards, it only makes sense that you continue your adventure to become a certified diver. Your Try Scuba Diving recognition card will be your first step. If you decide to become an Open Water Diver within the first six months,
your Try Scuba open water dive will be recognized as one of the required dives.

But if you are not ready for the Open Water Diver course just yet, you can still explore the world of SSI. Simply go to your App store (iOS or Android) and download the FREE DiveSSI App. There you can even try out the Scuba Diver academics free!


Activity aimed at everyone for all ages!

Check out all morning or afternoon from the port of Villasimius towards a breathtaking journey into the heart of the protected area of Capo Carbonara. Conducted by local experts skipper browsing coast-coast to the south, meeting the most beautiful bays, accessible only by sea. From the pool to Punta Porceddus Punta Molentis; Here we disembark for a short stop for a visit to the famous cape. It starts as soon as ready towards the island of Cavoli where you visit the Madonna of the Castaway, the memorial statue set among cliffs of the island. Who wants can participate in snorkeling on the surface with mask and fins, in the company of our guides from the incredible amount of aquatic life, colors and sinuous shapes of granite rocks. It leaves for Capo Carbonara, Port Rush and the famous rock of Triggerfish, where everyone can enjoy these cute and big fish who approach us intrigued. We are ready to return, confident that you had spent an unusual day and exciting and fun in the company of many new friends.


Scuba Diver

It is usually a patent issued to the persons who will or who were on vacation, and due to time constraints did not complete all the full program of the Open Water.

With the PADI Scuba Diver, therefore, Padi gives the opportunity to finish the course or on vacation and at home, in another Padi Center.
It includes 3 confined water dives, 3 knowledge development sessions and 2 open water dives.

Open Water Diver

- It is the first level of the path that will take you to dive independently and safely. During the course of our instructors, they will send you the basic knowledge, already after the first dives in the pool and open water, gaining more and more confidence, you will feel that your desire to dive increases exponentially.

- The Open Water course is an international patent that enables you to dive within mt.18, and that will lead you to know a very special world, the endless blue, the weightlessness, the wonderful and indescribable colors, you can open endless opportunities , fun, work, vacation.
The course can be individual and personalized, times and days established based on student needs, or group.

The group course is usually divided into:

• 5 theory lessons

• 5 lessons in confined water or pool

• 4 open water dives

• The participation fee includes the course:

• teaching kit

• using equipment

• Patent

• diving

Advanced Open Water

- With the Advanced Open Water Diver SSI you will complete your preparation, you will acquire a more advanced level, you will have new experiences and you will be enabled to a depth of 30 meters. The course actually includes themed dives in various areas such as night diving, wreck or deep.

- For each dive will be made you an insight on the type of diving, you will explain the techniques and you can put them into practice immediately.

- The course is divided into a review of five diving knowledge and can also be done on a weekend, the two are mandatory:

• Navigation (you'll learn to orient yourself underwater both naturally and with the compass)

• deep

- For others you can choose from all the other specialties Padi / SSI:

• Naturalist (made in collaboration with biologists with the possibility to integrate the guided tours of the aquarium)

• flotsam

• night

• dry suit

• Peak Performance Buoyancy

• multilevel

- Requirements for access to the course

• Minimum age: 15 years (Junior AOWD 12 years); 5 theory sessions + 5 dives enabling prof. max 30 m. or (21 m.Junior)

• Including manual certification

E.F.R. First Aid

- The Emergency First Response is an innovative first aid program, which provides the maximum preparation to provide care in the event of health emergencies, even in life-threatening cases.
- The course is divided into two sessions: Primary Care (CPR), where you will learn to render assistance to those in danger of lives, and Secondary Care (First Aid). He adds knowledge and skills to those who already learned in the first part to provide relief to those who might need an emergency physician, who delays or is not available.


- Anyone can participate in this program, even non-divers.
Accidents and diseases are now more common than we can imagine, some people just need a little help, other if they are not rescued immediately can suffer serious damage, even permanently.

- The EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE is based on educational projects and educational protocols and provides, for those without a professional knowledge, the most recent first-aid treatment, in order to be useful to others and even to themselves.
- The courses are flexible and meet the availability of time and individual learning using a variety of means, the lessons provide the participant, also with practical scenarios, knowledge, understanding and application.

- The course Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) is specific for emergencies with life threatening. Includes eight skill required and 3 Recommended:

• the accident scene Rating

• use barriers

• primary assessment

• artificial respiration

• CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) with a rescuer, to an adult patient

• bleeding control

• shock treatment

• trauma treatment and / or spinal cord injury

• Use of automated external defibrillator (recommended skill)

• airway obstructed in adult patient (recommended skill)

• Emergency oxygen administration (recommended skill)

Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver course is designed to develop and expand your knowledge in safety and teach you to manage and control the situation and prevent any problems. In immersion react properly is a decisive factor, which is why the Rescue Diver course is an important basic course, you will learn the main rescue techniques and will apply in real situations. Lessons are simulations of real situations, with the help of your instructor you will learn to act quickly and with lucidity and preparation.

The Rescue Diver course is one of the most exciting courses and important to the wealth of knowledge and experience of every diver. The rescue diver learn to look after not only to themselves but to also consider the safety and well being of other divers.

This explains why the level Rescue Diver course is the prerequisite for all PADI training programs for vocational high levels (Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, Open Water Scuba Instructor). The rescue diver training prepares divers to the prevention of problems and if needed to management, through the application of various techniques of diving emergencies.

In his run in the content and approach, the course is designed to be challenging and at the same time to simulate as much as possible reality. Although the nature and context in which rescue training is applicable is serious, the course is fun and exciting.

The course consists of 5 theory lessons, 12 exercises in the water.

Master Scuba Diving

This is not a real course, but a document certifying that the attainment of the highest degree as a recreational diver.
In fact, after finishing the courses Open Water, Advance, EFR and Rescue and five specialty courses, you are allowed to apply for the degree of MASTER SCUBA DIVER.
This degree qualifies you as a well-trained diver.


Your training to become a SSI instructor begins with the SSI Divemaster.
For this it is necessary that you have successfully completed the SSI Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver.
Together with your SSI instructor perfect your skills in the water and bring your expertise as a diver at a professional level.
During the various and extensive parts of the course, you can do all together or at separate times or, learn how to supervise the activities in the water and how to attend the training.
After successfully completing the Divemaster training you are allowed to supervise and accompany diving activities, being training or not, in any kind of environment.
In diving centers and scuba divemaster the bases are already participating very actively in the training of beginners. Also they act as guides in diving excursions. You are also authorized to conduct the PADI Discover Local Diving and also the Scuba Review program for certified divers. Non divers can live under your guidance their first visit to the underwater world under the SSI Discover Snorkeling program and the SSI Skin Diver. The divemaster course has as objective to develop and perfect your diving skills

Specialty Courses

There are several interesting and fun SSI specialties, choose the one you like best!!!

• Navigation (You will learn to orient yourself underwater both naturally and with the compass).
• Naturalist (made in collaboration with biologists with the possibility to integrate guided tours to the aquarium).
• Deep
• Flotsam
• Night
• Dry suit
• Peak Performance Buoyancy
• Multilevel
• Equipment Specialist
• DUP - Digital Underwater Photograpy
• Enriched Air Nitrox
• Search and Recovery



Availability of motor means for displacement:

• Inflatable Master 750 meters with 200hp 4-stroke outboard marine engine

• Joker Clubman 21 boat diving, mt. 6.20 width. mt.2.48

• marine outboard engine yamaha 100 hp. model 100 f / 4 stroke AETL

• 1 Satellite g.p.s.

• 1 sounder

• Compressor Coltri Sub 16.000 lt / hour, 380 Volt

• Compressor Coltri Sub MC 30.000 lt / hour 380 Volt

• Gave: SCUBAPRO, Tigullio, Cressi Sub

• Regulators: SCUBAPRO, Technisub Calypso and Cressi Sub, with second regulator Octopus Calypso and 300 bar pressure gauge

• Cylinders: SCUBAPRO, Technisub Lt. 15/18 Double taps 200 they

• Mute: Scubapro, Tigullio Termoplusch-piece 5mm zippered

• Fins: with or without liner

• Masks: Scubapro, Extreme Seac sub + mouthpieces

archaeological diving boat diving



Where We Are

Archeo Diving

diving and snorkeling center, located on the tourist port of Villasimius (CA)

Address: Via Degli Oleandri 10
Location: 09049 Villasimius (Cagliari) - Italy

Tel: +39 3473887930 / +39 338 3829931


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humidity: 43%
wind: 6m/s NNW
H 15 • L 15
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Price List

guided tours
• Snorkeling € 35.00
Snorkeling trips / apnea include lessons on safety of free diving, diving guide, fins, mask, snorkel.


• 1 dive € 45.00

• Double Immersion € 80.00

(2 dives with cylinder exchange in a single output)

• Boat passage no sub € 20.00

Scuba diving include: dive guide, boat passage, charging tank, weights, rinsing service and equipment storage.

• Night dive € 10.00
• Long distance 6 NM (Serpentara Island) € 10.00
• Diving on the wreck € 10.00

Before diving experience
• by boat Discover Scuba (age my. 10 years, prof. Max 5 m) € 80.00
• Discover Scuba from shore (age my. 10 years, prof. Max 5 m) € 50.00
With the discover scuba diver includes a theory lesson and then an underwater exploration. E 'included all the specific equipment.

rental Equipment
• Equipment hire (diving with us only)
• Full equipment € 20.00
(BCD, regulator, octopus, mask, fins and wetsuit)
• € 8.00 GAVE
• configuration Dispenser "Octopus" € 8.00
• Mask € 5.00
• Move € 8.00
• Torch € 8.00

• Bubblemaker € 60.00 *
Minimum age: 8 years; in the pool or sea max 1 m
• Seal Team € 250.00
For children 8-9 years; No.. 5 themed dive in the pool or sea
• Scuba Diver € 250.00
Minimum age: 10 years Scuba Diver; 3 theory + 3 AC sessions sessions (confined water) + 2 dives; Enabling prof. max 12 m. (With an instructor)
• Open Water starting from € 380.00
Minimum age: 15 years (Junior OWD 10 years); 5 theory sessions + 5 confined water sessions + 4 dives in the sea; Enabling prof. max 18 m. or 10/11 years (12 m. Junior)

• Advanced Open Water Diver * € 320.00

Minimum age: 15 years (Junior AOWD 12 years); 5 theory sessions + 5 dives enabling prof. max 30 m. or (21 m.Junior)

• Emergency First Response First Aid € 150.00

• Rescue Diver € 350.00
Minimum age: 15 years (Junior RESCUE 12 years); 5 theory sessions + 5sessioni Confined Water + 2 dives.
• Scuba Review € 120.00
Minimum age: 10 years; 2 hours theory refresher O.W.D. knowledge
• DIVEMASTER € 800.00
Including diving manual for the course
Minimum age: 18 years

• Deep Diver € 200.00
Minimum age: 15 years; Theory 2 + 2/4 diving sessions prof. max 40 m
• Night € 200.00
Minimum age: 15 years (Junior Night 12 years); 2 theory sessions + 2/3 dives
• Digital Photography € 200.00
Minimum age 10 years + 1 theory lesson 2 dives
• Nitrox Diver € 120.00
Minimum age: 15 years (Nitrox Junior 12 years); 1 theory sessions
• Naturalist € 280.00
Minimum age: 10 years (Junior Naturalist 12 years); 3 theory sessions + 3 dives
• Dry Suit € 150.00
Minimum age: 10 years 1 theory session + 1 session of confined water dive +1
• Peak Performance Buoyancy € 180.00
Minimum age: 10 years; 2 theory sessions + 2 dives

Prices are inclusive of international certification, if any and diving.

Convention with Hotels

Holiday village - Camping Rice


Just a few steps from the marina where the diving center is located is the holiday village and camping Del Riso where you will be accommodated in our bungalows of 30sqm2 equiped with a comfortable and spacious terrace with a cooking and lunch corner (fridge, washbasin, gas, pans and dishes) double room, room with bunk beds and one person bed, cupboard and bathroom with shower.

Within the village restaurant “La Sorgente” offers every evening a variety of typical and local dishes cooked with fresh first choice products.
At lunch the self-service canteen will allow you to have a break and to taste a simple and genuine cuisine. And to start the day well breakfast is available at the beach bar or at “La Sorgente” bar where WIFI is available.

Inside the market of the village you will find a wide range of products: a fruit and vegetables department, a deli counter, a butcher’s as well as tobacconist and national and international press.

* The rate includes a bungalow for 4 people, lthe cost for water, electricity and gaz, a place for one car The rate does not include the laundry usually for rental at the camping, the mandatory cleaning-up (30€) nor the local tax per person.

** DIVINGS tank and ballast included, excluding equipment rental and supplement for special divings (Wreck, Long distance, night diving).


Just a few steps from the marina where the diving center is located is the holiday village and camping Del riso where you will be accommodated in rooms gathered in a same central building nearby the sea and the pine forest. They are fitted out with fridge, air conditioning, private bathroom with shower, TV, safe, external protected with table and chairs where to enjoy peaceful moments outside. Dogs are not allowed.

Inside the market of the village you will find a wide range of products: a fruit and vegetables department, a deli counter, a butcher’s as well as tobacconist and national and international press.

Holidays for divers and accompanying persons:

DIVINGS tank and ballast included, excluding equipment rental and supplement for special divings (Wreck, Long distance, night diving).

Janas Hotel Villasimius


Janas Hotel, welcoming the new structure, which opened its doors to guests in the spring of 2014, was born in the center of the famous resort of Villasimius, a precious natural gem whose turquoise waters lap the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara.

The hotel is located just minutes from the central square and the main beaches of Villasimius, in a strategic location makes it the ideal choice for a pleasant stay in the south of Sardinia.
The beautiful beach of Simius is reached by a pleasant walk along the scented avenue of Via Del Mare

Holiday Houses and Apartments in Villasimius


Info : Archeo Dving


Email: info@archeodiving.com

Tel: +393473887930/+39 3383829931